Artistic Quotes



“’The Gamester’ was a very rewarding project for us to work on. To be able to come across a play that has its roots in a form that has a classical background but also has a very contemporary resonance is quite rare. It is a play full of wonderfully outrageous characters and plot entanglements. Our audiences certainly enjoyed the story and the cleverness of the rhyming schemes. This is also a show that allows the design and technical departments to be able to bring some dazzling magic in scenery and costumes to the event which also is quite pleasing to audiences. We had a good time with this show.”

Steve Woolf
Artistic Director
Repertory Theatre of St. Louis

Freyda Thomas is a dream to work with --flexible, quick, and with a genuinely savvy sense of what works on stage. Her characters, situations, and especially her crystalline dialogue are a joy to experience. It was an enormous privilege to premiere The Mistress of the Inn.

Tom Markus
Artistic Director (Ret.)
Virginia Museum Theatre

"Freyda Thomas' adaptations are filled with zest and linguistic delight. She writes beautifully for actors, and can make the most obscure classical jokes accessible and
alive for a modern audience."

Carey Perloff
Artistic Director
American Conservatory Theatre
San Francisco


"Freyda Thomas is a wonderfully skilled writer who is
devilish, sly, and full of passion. In my experience
working with her I was constantly delighted by her ability to meld high and low comedy with such dexterity. But no matter what genre, she possesses the requisite skills to concoct the best possible theatrical stews. Having long ago thrown away the recipes, she cooks up her tales from her considerable imagination and life experience like a master chef.
Enough with the culinary metaphor. Freyda's a joy and a great collaborator."

Ron Lagomarsino
Director of The Gamester
A.C.T. San Francisco

"Freyda Thomas has a talent for adapting classics for
a 20th century audience. Our production of her
adaptation of "The Learned Ladies" was a
delight. It was very funny, and exhibited her keen
ear for contemporizing period language."

Richard Hopkins,
Artistic Director
Florida Studio Theatre
Sarasota, Florida

It was a pleasure for Northlight to produce THE
GAMESTER, an inspirational new adaptation of a foreign classic. Freyda's insight into French culture
and skill with the language combined with her gift for
verse and structure resulted in a very successful and
lively new work. It was a pleasure to work with
Freyda. Her dedication and absolute support of the
actors and the process was unprecedented and greatly

B. J. Jones
Artistic Director
Northlight Theatre
Skokie, Illinois